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Do you feel stuck? Does your great intellect seem to be working against you? Are you suffering from an overactive brain? Are you curious about the potential of your intuition? Do you wish for more balance between your (gut) feelings and your mind?


It's a strange paradox: to change the only thing you really can control (= your beliefs), you need a change in the way you think. As you'll understand, it takes some courage to change deeply ingrained thought processes and to let go of the way you typically do things. Let me reassure you that a small shift in thinking is often enough to trigger a landslide in actions.


But where to start? How do you discover the breakthrough in your thinking that leads to a more creative and intuitive life?

Hi, I'm Pauline and I guide analytically thinking, intellectual women to more balance and happiness in their lives.


My intuitive way of coaching involves the uncovering of limiting beliefs, so that they can be replaced by more positive ones. As simple as this may sound, the process can be quite profound — and so are the results.


Do you believe you're stuck? In a situation, in your thinking, or in life...?  I'd love to help you get freed up!

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Our feelings, thoughts and actions are derived from our BELIEFS and thus, therein lies also the key to anything we consciously wish to change.


So the trick is not only to be able to think (of) what you feel, but also to be able to feel what you are thinking (of).

To give you an idea of what I can do for you, my client Susan explains how I have helped her:

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Do you recognize one or more of these points?


  • The feeling of hitting a wall (of thoughts), not getting any further.


  • The same thoughts about a particular issue go round and round in your head...without making the redeeming breakthrough.


  • Uncertainty and doubts, maybe even about things that you were never unsure about or doubted — until now.


  • Getting irritated and feeling frustrated more quickly.


  • Overwhelm, as if nothing more fits in your head / life / daily activities.


  • Impatience, you want to get rid of it, you're done with it.


  • You have more difficulty making decisions, you feel less decisive (because the consequences are no longer clear).

If everything you've tried so far doesn't work, there's a pattern or process that you need to break free from.

Would you like to experience more of this?


  • An aha moment that breaks with those spinning, repetitive thoughts.


  • That exhilarating sense of hope and inspiration, that there is more, and that you can finally imagine it.


  • The insight that leads to new possibilities and opportunities (which are currently invisible).


  • The feeling that you can finally take the right action and make decisions with conviction.


  • Feeling peaceful enough to make well-considered decisions; no longer being influenced by stressful situations.


  • Clarity, momentum and eureka!


  • Feeling confident, comfortable in your own skin, and determined about your choices.